Cooling The Heat off

As the temperature raises and the heat takes over I decided to open the season with a cold and refreshing Yogurt soup, tastes wonderful  is nutritious and easy to do and goes into the diet category.

It can be served as a first dish at a meal or stand by it self with a peace of bread.

so...that's how you do it

Serves two 

You need

2 yogurt containers (120-180 ml)
1 fresh green cucumber cut into cubes 
1 tooth garlic fine chopped 
1 table spoon fine chopped Dill 
2 table spoons chopped walnuts 
1 tea spoon white vinegar 
salt & pepper 
a pinch of sugar 
cold water if needed 

That's it.....

Stir all the ingredients, add cold water if you feel its too thick for your liking 
add salt & pepper if needed.

keep in the fridge 

serve each dish with an ice cub.

Wonderful.... enjoy, Bon Appetite !!

Write your comment down below and tell me what you think.

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